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Swimming Up Stream by: Patrick Menzies

My Resume
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DeVry University, Irving Texas                                                       Graduation Date: April 2006

ˇ        Bachelor of Science in Technical Management

ˇ        Concentration in Business Information Systems


Related Courses and Skills

ˇ        Web Interface Design

ˇ        Visual Basic for Business

ˇ        Database Essentials for Decision Making with Lab

ˇ        Microsoft Project




Webmaster, INTEGRICOMP, Dallas, Texas                                                January 2003 to Present

ˇ        Develop web sites for clients

ˇ        Design web sites for outside clients

ˇ        Manage and train web development team

ˇ        Computer Repair and Upgrade Specialist


General Superintendent, Iglesia La Voz Apostólica Inc., Dallas, Texas      September 1998—Present

ˇ        Bishop of  Iglesia La Voz Apostólica Intl. Inc. (International Church Organization)

ˇ        Director of the Truth and Holiness Christian Bookstore and Photo Studio


Recruiter, US Army, New Orleans, Louisiana                                 

April 1996—September 1998

ˇ        Recruited and processed applicants for the US Army Reserve over a three parish (county) area 

ˇ        Increased production resulted in the TOP HAND award for recruiting as the Only Active Reserve Recruiter in the area


Dealer Counselor/ Trainer, Kirby Co., Mesquite, Texas                        

February 1994—March 1996

ˇ        Interviewed, trained and supervised trained teams

ˇ        Formulated and implemented a training program for sales representatives which resulted in 50 percent increase in sales over a 90 day period


Bilingual Instructor, Evaluator, Developer, US Army, Fort Rucker, Alabama           

December 1983—January 1993

ˇ        Taught, evaluated and developed training material for Aviation Operations and Instructional techniques for the Federal Instructional Training Course (Teacher’s Course) 

ˇ        Assisted in developing, training and evaluating an Aviation Operations program which resulted in a 30 percent increase in knowledge and job performance  


Other Education and Training:


Central Texas College                                   Associate Degree

                              U.S. Army                                                       U.S. Army Recruiter Course

                                                                                          Senior Instructor Course


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