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Brotherly Love

The Board Of Directors

Board of Directors
Brotherly Love
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Our Board of Directors
All the members of the Board of Directors are not members of the church La Voz Apostolica Intl. Inc.
The board includes members of different organizations; to facilite for the necessities of the members of such organizations.
With this in mind, almost all the  members of the board, are members of other organizations of the Name.

Director of the Board of Directors

Apůstol P. R. Menzies
Read my life's story: "Swimming Up Stream"

Brother Menzies recieved a vision from God in the year 2001, God showed him that he needed to take an Apostolic Church out of the Apostolic Church.
The brother has been looking to God concerning this situation, and with the help of God, this program was launched through the ineternet as in March of 2005.

Book: Swimming Up Stream

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